Hire Us As Your Marketing Manager.

Full Day Or Half Day Rates.

Experienced Marketing Management

With 20 years experience in the industry we understand the bigger picture. We focus on the activity best suited to each business.

Don't carry out your marketing on a whim or leave it to your admin staff. Get your marketing right and grow your business.

We plan your marketing with you. And then work as your marketing manager for a day or half day. Affordable, flexible and perfect for smaller businesses or marketing teams that need extra support.

Marketing Management

Many smaller businesses don't have budget for an experienced marketing manager. With 20 years experience in the industry, we work as your marketing manager for a full day or half day.

We allocate you an exact day and time, on a rolling basis, so we are exclusively yours for that time.

Marketing Strategy

We understand the importance of planning and strategy. There are so many ways to market a business, you can't cover them all, even with a large marketing team.

Focus on the activity right for you and spend your limited time on the marketing which will be most effective. Get the fundamentals right and smash your goals.

Social Media Management

Social media is all consuming, never-ending and at times overwhelming. Let us take the pressure off managing your social media accounts.

We support with posts, graphics, content, engagement or can completely manage your channels for you. We can advise the best channels for your audience and even set them up for you.

Content and Copywriting

Often an overlooked area of marketing. But so important. Great copywriting and content feeds

every single area of your marketing activity.

Whether you want a website re-write, social media posts or PR, get them written by a professional copywriter. It really pays off - strong messaging, creative content and an engaged audience.

Helping Your Business Grow

"Our Open Day needed a boost. We focussed on PR, print and a CRM system. We were so pleased with turnout and conversions."

"We contacted Natalie for support. We had great advice, revisited our strategy and now have activity tailored to our audience."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need marketing?

An effective marketing plan will support you to reach your business goals. Don't see marketing as an additional job on your to do list - see it as the way you can hit your business goals. You want more customers - marketing can support. You want to be well known - use marketing. You want to understand what activity is right for you - plan an amazing marketing strategy with us.

What is a marketing plan?

Marketing planning and strategy is taking a look at the bigger picture. Taking the time to step back and have those deeper conversations. Instead of jumping straight into the activity. Taking your time and getting it right. It's so important. All too often we hear that marketing isn't working. Have you jumped into your marketing too soon? Do you have a marketing plan? Contact us for a chat.

How do I hire a marketing manager?

We offer a unique service - the opportunity to employ an experienced marketing manager that you can afford. Hire us for a half day or a full day a week. We will advice and plan your marketing. We understand that not all businesses can afford an experienced marketing manager or large marketing team. This is your opportunity to get your marketing right and hit your business goals.

What marketing packages do you do?

We offer flexible packages where you can hire us as your part time marketing manager for a half day or full day a week. We will discuss the marketing activity right for your business to start with. And then agree on a day and how regular you would like support. We can focus on social media, content, website, print, e-comms - whichever activity we agree is the focus for your business.

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